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Name: Small Scalloped Edge Punch
Description: This 15/16″ punch can be layered over the larger scalloped edge punch for a layered look.
Price: 11.98 (CDN)  10.0 (USD)

Name: Small Snowflake Punch
Description: Use this 1″ punch with the large and medium snowflake punch to create a layered effect.
Price: 11.98 (CDN)  10.0 (USD)

Name: Primitive Star Punch
Description: Use this punch to create 1 1/2″x 1 7/8″ stars.
Price: 20.98 (CDN)  17.51 (USD)

Name: Ribbon Hole Punch
Description: The Ribbon punch creates two parellel slots, 3/4″ tall with 1/4 spacing.
Price: 17.98 (CDN)  15.0 (USD)

Name: Postage Stamp Punch
Description: This 1 7/8″ punch creates an edge similar to a postage stamp
Price: 23.98 (CDN)  20.01 (USD)

Name: Mini Folder Punch
Description: This cute punch will help you hide little notes.
Price: 23.98 (CDN)  20.01 (USD)

Name: Mini Envelope Punch
Description: Use this fun punch to add little notes to your cards or scrapbook pages
Price: 23.98 (CDN)  20.01 (USD)

Name: Coluzzle Cutting Mat
Description: The perfect cutting surface for your Coluzzle Cutting system
Price: 4.98 (CDN)  4.2 (USD)

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